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Birchall Foodservice employees at an awards night

21 May 2021

Our Telesales Team: Enhancing Your OrderMate Experience

Even though we are moving into a more digitally focussed world with OrderMate, our award-winning Telesales team are more important to our operation than ever.

Our people are the heart of Birchall Foodservice, and our Telesales team are the reason why we are able to offer exceptional service to our customers.

The aim of OrderMate has always been to enhance our customers’ experience, not dilute it. It was not created to replace our people, but to work alongside them and help them deliver an even higher level of customer service.

As we expected when we launched OrderMate, a number of our customers have chosen to order online rather than over the phone. However, this doesn’t mean our Telesales team aren’t as busy. The time not spent on the phones is now spent responding to OrderMate messages and queries online, working closer with our business development managers to offer new and better products to customers, and working with the technical team to improve the OrderMate experience.

OrderMate is great because the people behind it make it great, and this includes every member of our Telesales team. So don’t worry, no matter how big OrderMate gets, our Telesales team won’t be going anywhere!