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Fresh food

05 June 2021

In Season: June


Take a look at our best 'In Season' fresh butchery and produce this month.

"Birchall Foodservice is dedicated to providing the highest quality meat, fruit and vegetables to the catering industry under the “Birchall Fresh” banner.

Our experienced team of butchers can cater for individual requirements and specifications, and all products are cut and packed to the highest quality standards.

Our Fresh offering also includes fruit, vegetables, salads, herbs and pre-prepared vegetables from the more familiar to the truly exotic. All products are quality controlled at key points throughout the distribution chain ensuring that produce is received at the peak of its quality."

Seasonal Fruit of the Month - Strawberries

Fresh strawberries from Birchall Foodservice

Imported strawberries are now available to use all year round, but there is no beating the taste of homegrown strawberries that are available to us from May through to early September.

Strawberries, whether served in desserts, sorbets, jellies or fresh with cream, are synonymous with summer across the UK.

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Seasonal Vegetable of the Month - Asparagus

Fresh asparagus from Birchall Foodservice

British asparagus is hailed by leading chefs as the best in the world.

While we might all grumble about the British weather, the UK climate allows asparagus stems to develop slowly producing a full, sweet flavour and a fine, tender texture quite unlike any other crop.

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Seasonal Meat of the Month - Fresh Lamb Cutlets

Fresh lamb cutlets from Birchall Foodservice

We source the best quality lamb from the finest farms around the world. From the salt marches of Wales to the open green pastures of New Zealand, our butchers prepare lamb all year round to ensure you have the best stock from wherever the lamb is best in season.

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