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Our history Where it all began

From humble beginnings stocking just 4 products, to stocking over 7,000!

The story of Birchall Foodservice is a remarkable journey that began in 1905 with George Chichester Birchall's simple yet visionary horse and cart deliveries of cream, eggs, butter, and yeast in Burnley.

In 1939, as the world braced for the Second World War, GC Birchall Ltd officially emerged, marking a new chapter for us.

We have always been based in Burnley, and we’re exceptionally proud of our working class, Lancashire heritage. Over the years, we’ve grown from horse and cart deliveries to a commercial mill in the 1930s and then onto our current home in Burnley Bridge Business Park in 2015.

We have to say, it’s been quite the journey - take a look for yourself!


The beginning of wholesale services delivered by George Chichester Birchall using horse and cart (Just cream, eggs, butter and yeast!)


Our first substantial commercial premises, Trafalgar Mill, opened offering a full grocery range


The first registration of G.C.Birchall by Edgar Birchall (son of George)


We shift from retail to catering supply


Colin Birchall becomes Managing Director, working alongside Christine Birchall


Trafalgar Mill is modernised with concrete floors and our first computer. Exciting times!


Distribution expands across the north


We become a founding member of the Country Range Group


Relocation to Network 65 Business Park for a more modern premises


We develop regional distribution sites in Sheffield, Durham and Stoke-on-Trent


Launches a frozen foodservice range for caterers


Colin Birchall launches Stir It Up magazine for caterers through Country Range Group


Moves to Cobalt House, enabling fresh produce and butchery expansion


Justin Birchall takes over as MD and is the 4th generation to direct the company


Industry-leading development kitchen with training and exhibition facilities (TED Centre) is developed


Celebrating 80 years as a company - Courtney and Sigourney Birchall are the 5th generation to join the business


Click & collect services are offered to the public during the Covid pandemic under the ‘Birchall Foods’ brand


Officially launches OrderMate, an online ordering platform after 4 years of development!


Reduces carbon emissions by 46% with solar panels and electric vehicles
People taking part in training

Looking to the future...

We recognise that the foodservice landscape is ever-evolving, and we’re putting big resources into IT, AI and digital transformation, aiming to enhance both our internal operations and customer experiences. We’ve begun the process of exploring various AI tools and technologies to identify if they can help us streamline processes, improve efficiencies, and save time. Our marketing and IT teams are investigating generative AI technologies to assist with document creation, online image enhancement and product copy. And in operations, we’re hoping to trial robots for zone picking in the warehouse. Looking to our online ordering platform, OrderMate, we’re aiming to launch a number of big upgrades in the coming years, including bringing Estimated Delivery Times and barcode scanning to the app.

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