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Information Product Disclaimer

This disclaimer was last updated 12/04/2019

The Food Information to Consumer Regulations (“FIC”), which are applicable from 13 December 2014, require food manufacturers to enhance the appearance of allergen information on product labels, to provide greater access to key information and, therefore, choice to the consumer.

As a wholesaler of vendor branded products, Birchall Foodservice is committed to supporting and assisting our customers in complying with their obligations under the FIC, and has compiled the following allergen information based on information provided by such branded suppliers and Erudus. This information is provided in good faith by Birchal Foodservice, as a tool for our customers, but it should be noted that Birchall Foodservice is reliant on the accuracy and completeness of allergen information provided by its vendor brand suppliers and Erudus. This information applies to the deliberate ingredients used in the product.

Whilst Birchall Foodservice does what it can to ensure that this information is up-todate and accurate, Birchall Foodservice cannot be responsible for any inaccuracies or omissions in this information by the suppliers.

Customers must always read the information appearing on the product label; this is the only accurate representation of the allergen information.

This is particularly important because, where recipes and/or formulations are changed by the suppliers and Erudus, the information on this page may be inaccurate for a period of time, until such time as Birchall Foodservice is notified by the relevant supplier or Erudus, and such changes have been uploaded.

It is also important to note that the information provided by Birchall Foodservice will not address any potential cross-contamination issues that individual products may encounter whilst at a customer unit.

For further advice please contact Birchall Foodservice Customer Care 01282 429446.