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19 May 2021

OrderMate Has Landed on the Big Screen

It’s the news many of you have been waiting for….OrderMate is now live on desktop!

The official desktop launch means that OrderMate is now live on all devices. So whether you prefer to shop on a smartphone, tablet or computer, we now have a platform for you.

Birchall OrderMate image

Prefer to shop via a computer? The desktop version is available to browse here:

Rather use your phone of tablet? The app version of OrderMate can be downloaded via the Apple Store and Google Play links below:

Apple -

Google Play -

If you’re new to OrderMate and are wondering how it could help you, then here are some of the many reasons why caterers love using it.

1. Order any time, anywhere

You can place orders wherever you like, whenever you like, whether that’s in your stores or chillers, or when sat on the sofa at home.

2. Live allergen and nutritional information

OrderMate is the only foodservice platform that provides caterers with live allergen information, perfect if you provide an offering for allergy sufferers. OrderMate also allows you to filter by lifestyle and dietary requirements, such as vegan and gluten free.

3. Edit orders and re-order past orders

OrderMate helps you save time by quickly letting you re-order past orders. You can also edit past orders to create a new order.

4. Create lists and save favourites

Create lists for popular events, such as weddings or Christmas, and turn them into orders instantly. You can also save a page of your favourite products so you can easily find them.

5. Message your telesales partner

We don’t want you to lose contact with your telesales partner, which is why we’ve incorporated a message function into OrderMate