Delivering a better experience.

12 May 2021

Electric Vehicle Trials Begin at Birchalls

At Birchall Foodservice, we take our corporate social responsibility seriously, and last year we produced a comprehensive overview of our vision for the future of the company titled 'Delivering a Better Tomorrow'. You can read the full report here:

One of our main focus areas in the Delivering a Better Tomorrow document is reducing emissions from our fleet of vehicles, so last week we began trialling electric vans from VMS Fleet Management Ltd.

Electric vans produce zero tailpipe emissions and could play a huge part in helping us become more environmentally-friendly in the coming years. Early reports from our team of drivers suggest that the vehicles are great to drive and are economic to run, so they could be rolled out in the near future.

We also began trialling electric Teslas for our 'grey fleet' of sales team vehicles. Again, feedback from these trials was extremely positive and our field sales teams are excited about the possibility of going fully electric in the near future.

The future's bright, the future's green...