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17 June 2021

Here Comes the Summer! Guest Blog from Panesco

This summer, why not introduce show-stopping specials to your menu that are set to make any meal memorable! Burger buns are high on the agenda with outdoor dining and barbecue-inspired food set to be back in full swing, to make up for socialising lost last year!


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This all-rounder is not only great for holding juicy burgers but alternatives like fish or vegetarian fillings.

This vegan premium sandwich roll with alternative outstanding textures: a delicate, thin, crispy crust on the outside and a soft, airy crumb inside. Made from wheat flour and sourdough with double malted beer. Enriched with olive oil and decorated with semolina, pre-sliced. Also suitable as a hamburger bun.



A round wheat bun belonging to the ‘Laugengeback’-family, a German baked specialty, with a typical Pretzel taste and a brown crust alternated by pale incisions.