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31 January 2024

Get More Vits

Get More Vits are an independent UK-based company helping people of all ages to get their daily dose of vitamins in a wide range of tasty, fruity and sugar-free products.

Yep, that’s right - their products not only contain a person's daily dose of vitamins but they’re also delicious and contain absolutely no sugar. What’s not to love?

2 New Additions To The Range

We've added 2 new tasty flavours to our growing Get More Vits range;

Fibre - Still Peach & Apricot Spring Water

The classic combination of Peach & Apricot is super fruity and delicious. Sugar free, low calorie and each bottle contains 40% of the daily recommended dose of Fibre.

B12 - Pink Grapefruit Still Spring Water

The still Pink Grapefruit Vitamin B12 drink is light, fruity and refreshing. Sugar free, low calorie and contains 5ug of Vitamin B12 per bottle.

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