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03 April 2024

Chefs, You Don’t Know Philly!

Traditionally thought of as just a topping for bagels or an integral cheesecake ingredient, Philadelphia’s versatility, allied to its taste, quality and stability, makes it a fantastic ingredient across the profit and cost sectors.

Five Sector-Specific Recipe Books

With sector-specific recipe books offering chefs inspiration for the hotel, pub & restaurant, food-to-go, healthcare and educations sectors, the versatility of Philly as an ingredient has been firmly established. With budgets tighter than ever, a product that can be used across different day parts is a real advantage for chefs as they find they can do more with less and reduce waste and keep costs low as a result.

Summer Menu Inspiration

Not only does cheese add a wonderful richness and depth of flavour to multiple dishes, the addition of a high-quality cream cheese such as Philadelphia can also bring added stability and binding properties across your menu. Try layering it into Roast Vegetable, Philly & Harissa Tarts – Philly’s stability means it doesn’t split or release too much liquid when baked. It’s a recipe that would also make fantastic vegetarian canapes over the summer months, simply use smaller vol-au-vent cases.

Don’t just take our word for it…

Whether used to bake, bind, pipe or cook, the results of an independent taste and performance test with 100 professional chefs pitting Philadelphia vs three competitor products were extremely positive, revealing:

· Chefs say Philly performs better than other cream cheeses

· 2/3 chefs prefer to work with Philadelphia

· 9/10 chefs highly rate its taste and performance

· When it comes to taste and creaminess, chefs rate Philadelphia significantly higher than its competitors

Meet The Philly Five

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