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03 April 2024

Top 3 Industry Tips This Month: May

In the current climate of rising costs and staff and product shortages, we know that caterers and business owners need all the help they can get to help them save time and make more money.

We’ve spoken to a number of customers to find out what they’re doing to be more profitable and efficient, and if they have any words of wisdom for their peers. We’ll be publishing our findings on a monthly basis via our email subscription service, our blog and social media. Some of these suggestions will also come from Birchall employees and industry bodies.

We’re really keen to get more hints and tips from our customers, so if you have a great idea that you’d like to share, then please send it on to our marketing team at [email protected]

Here are this month's top 3 tips:

1. Make It Easy For Those With Babies

Offer a changing facility, even if it's just a small area to put a change mat, to entice those with babies. You could even offer hot water to warm bottles or food. It's surprising how many venues don't offer hot water to parents to let them do this. A few Birchall employees with babies have commented that they will only go back to the places they felt welcomed as parents.

2. Host a Monthly Dog Walk

Perhaps on the last Sunday of every month, you could host a dog walk, starting at your venue? It's an easy way to get good publicity. Everyone could meet in the morning at your venue and you could offer a breakfast sandwich and hot drink to everybody that attends. Some venues ask everyone to make a charitable donation for a local cause too.

3. Use Freshly Prepared Vegetables

If you have a skill shortage in your kitchen, or if you're simply looking to save time, then consider using freshly prepared vegetables. At Birchalls, we offer a great choice of quality, prepped vegetables which are delivered to us daily. Our range includes soup mixes, shredded cabbage, peeled potatoes and much more.

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Check back on our blog next month for more industry tips.