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03 February 2021

Protecting our Employees and Customers with Rapid Covid Testing


To help protect our employees, their families and our customers against Coronavirus, we have introduced Lateral Flow Testing (otherwise known as Rapid Testing).

Hundreds of tests are being carried out amongst our team every 3 to 5 days, and the results from the tests are made available in just 30 minutes. Should an employee test positive from a Rapid test, then they will need to book an NHS test immediately and self-isolate at home until they receive the results of this test.

By introducing these weekly rapid tests, we can quickly identify any asymptomatic Covid cases within the business and stop any potential spread. We strongly believe that this is the best way to help protect our team and our customers, and we are encouraging all businesses in our local area to do the same.

Alongside the rapid testing programme, we have other robust safety policies and procedures in place across the business, including non-contact delivery to customers, prohibiting non-essential visitors to the premises, and strict social distancing in the office space. We also have a thorough daily cleaning schedule in place in all areas of the business and are encouraging handwashing throughout the day.