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05 January 2020

Is the Full English Breakfast facing extinction?

According to recent research, a whopping 20% of 18-30 year olds have never eaten a full English breakfast? This may seem bizarre to most, but our current young adult generation is more-health conscious than any generation that has gone before. They associate the full English breakfast with heart disease, obesity and as quoted in the Daily Mail recently, “men in vests hanging around in transport cafes”.

As plant-based diets grow in popularity and consumers become more aware of the effect of poor diets on their health, will we see the death of the full English breakfast before the next century? It’s looking likely!

So what do 18-30 year olds prefer to eat for breakfast?

· Avocado is huge – whether it’s smashed on toast or served halved with a poached egg inside, this superfood is more popular than ever

· Eggs – scrambled with smoked salmon is a popular choice as are poached eggs. At least one component of the full English breakfast is going to survive…

· Oatmeal and Muesli – these may not sound like the most exciting foods to start the day with, but the younger generation have found ways to make these healthy breakfast staples more interesting. Think oatmeal pancakes and muesli cookies. Check out this article on creative ways to eat muesli:

Did you know? In the 1950, almost half the British population started every day with a full English breakfast?