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04 January 2021

Guest Blog: Cakesmiths. Why ‘Veganuary’ might just become an all year round affair.

With 2020 finally behind us, it's time for us all to reflect on the evolving needs and wants of consumers.

With the explosion of meat substitute brands and the proliferation of plant-based diets, veganism is certainly a lifestyle choice that foodservice businesses are being called to cater for.

Cake without compromise

As an independently-owned and managed cake business, here at Cakesmiths we offer our Customers - as an element of our broader range - a selection of vegan-friendly products that adhere to our values: making great cakes, by hand, in small batches, with craft, and without compromising on ingredients, look or flavour.

So, what better time to offer Customers a little slice of cake magic than during Veganuary with the following three delicious Cakesmiths-made vegan-friendly lines, all available from Birchall Foodservice.

060081088 Super Dark Brownie - A rich, dark and intense brownie, with the added bite of Cocoa nibs and flaked with Maldon Sea Salt to give it some edge and crunch

060081087 Blueberry Bakewell - Packed with Blueberries and crammed with jammy goodness on top of a delicious shortbread base, then topped with toasted Almonds for that proper ’Bakewell’ hit

060081064 Dark & Fruity Flapjack - A Great Taste Award winner, this luxurious flapjack gives that chewy texture only the best flapjacks have. Made with Dark Muscavado, lots of Syrup, Raisins and Dates

All great sellers, they’re popular with Vegans and non-Vegans alike. You’ll likely have Customers demanding them all year round!

Keeping it fresh with TrayCAKE printed parchments (082020014)

Since keeping cake fresh, vibrant and inviting can be an issue within a (often limited) counter space, our printed parchment papers offer the perfect solution to merchandise our great TrayCAKE format.

Keeping the moisture locked into the cake and allowing you to stock-rotate and replenish slice by slice - as you need direct from the freezer - there’s none of that all too-typical wastage of the ‘last man (or two) standing’ of the traditional round. Familiar perhaps?

Talk about the Cakesmiths range with the Birchall telesales team on 01282 429446.