Never before has the environment around education catering been so pioneering.

Who would have thought that of all the differing categories of catering that education would prove to be the most dynamic, arguably even more so than the restaurant sector.

An evolutionary demand for more care of vulnerable youth has led to increasing legislation from government.

Meanwhile, for reasons it seems that no one understands, the prevalence of allergies becomes more widespread, particularly amongst the young. Adding to these circumstances, a youthful enthusiasm by school pupils for the environment and we have a cocktail of change and demand that today’s education caterers have to cope with.

For caterers working in further and higher education, competition from

the High Street is fierce. Young adults demand choice at affordable prices

and they expect your offering to be up-to-date with the latest food trends.

We can help with street food concepts, world cuisine and meal deals to

keep your customers coming back for more.

Similarly, for Early Years caterers, we can help with planning the weekly nutritional intake to ensure everything children eat is of the best quality and, most importantly, enjoyable.

Ready for a Challenge?

The Country Range Student Chef Challenge shines a spotlight on the chefs of the future, providing a platform to celebrate their talents.

The Challenge is focusing on the essential core skills and techniques will test the students’ knowledge of both classical cooking and the more modern methods of the last 25 years.

Teams of three full-time hospitality and catering students must work together to create a delicious three course, four cover menu that showcases their skill and understanding of flavours.

Entries for the 2019/2020 Challenge are now closed.

Food for Life

We are an accredited Food for Life Supplier.

The Soil Association’s Food for Life Catering Mark is cited within the school food standards as a framework that helps cooks and caterers to show they meet the school food standards as well as demonstrate their commitment to serving fresh, traceable, sustainably sourced food.

The Food for Life Served Here Award is designed specifically for caterers – an independent endorsement certified by the Soil Association. It enables caterers to show that they are taking steps to improve the food they serve, using fresh ingredients which are free from trans-fats and harmful additives, and follow good animal welfare guidelines. 

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