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03 April 2024

Celebrating One Year of OrderMate: 5 of the Best Features

It’s been a whole year since we launched our online ordering platform, OrderMate, and what a year’s it’s been. In just 12 months, we’ve seen almost 400 of our customers sign up to use our industry-leading platform, and 30% of our daily sales are now taken over OrderMate. This figure is increasing every month and we fully expect to get closer to 50% as more and more customers sign up to use it.

But why is OrderMate so popular with caterers? Here are 5 reasons why…

1. You don’t lose that human interaction

We know how much our customers love speaking to our telesales team, and they’re a huge reason why the platform has become so popular. OrderMate allows you to chat with our team should you have any queries about a product or order through the chat feature.

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2. You can save time by re-ordering past orders

Do you generally order the same products time after time? If you do, then you can re-order by simply heading to the ‘confirmed orders’ page and then clicking ‘reorder’. This means you don’t have to add every item to basket again. What’s also great is that you can edit previous orders. So, if you want to add or remove some items from a previous order to build a new order, you can easily do so.

3. LIVE allergen information

OrderMate provides caterers with live allergen information, which is ideal considering the recent introduction of Natasha’s Law. You can also filter by lifestyle and dietary requirements, such as vegan and gluten free. The allergen information is fed directly from Erudus, so you know it’s information you can trust.

4. You can add to existing orders

Already submitted an order, but want to add more items to it? Not a problem. OrderMate allows you to add products to confirmed orders up until 5pm on the working day prior to your delivery (3pm for fresh butchery and fruit and veg). This means you don’t have to keep creating new orders every time you want to add something to an upcoming delivery.

5. You can save favourite items

We have almost 6,000 products in our portfolio, so we know how important it is for you to be able to save favourite products. By simply clicking the heart symbol next to any product, you can add it to your list of favourites making it simple to find every time you log in to OrderMate.

Upgrades to come…

We’ve got lots of exciting plans for OrderMate. We’re currently working on a new feature which will allow you to pay directly through OrderMate and view invoices. We’ll also be launching an enhancement that will show you alternative products when something is out of stock. Other enhancements include multiple images for products, image zoom and more!

If there’s anything you think we can do to improve OrderMate, or if there’s a feature you’d like to see in the future, please let us know at [email protected]

If you haven't used OrderMate before, you can view the platform here, and existing customers can register for their login details here