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Catering equipment

Need a new piece of kitchen equipment? About to do a kitchen re-fit?  Ask your sales contact for a copy of our Equip brochure, which features everything from crockery to hobs and cookers.

We offer equipment repayment plans which might just be our best-kept secret. We know that kitting out a new kitchen or purchasing a new appliance is a big investment, so we give you the option to spread your payments. 

If you’re a Birchall customer and would like to take out a repayment plan on your next catering equipment purchase apply here. 

Catering from a boathouse – unexpected help

When leisure boss Mark Dempsey committed all the purchasing for hi new development to us, he received not only a rewarding discount but practical assistance for his project.

The plan was to transform a dilapidated old boathouse in a much-loved local park into a café and ice cream parlour – and we were involved in supplying everything from the freezers and coffee machines to the tables and chairs right down to the ice cream cones and mugs. 

“We really couldn’t have done it without the help and flexibility that Birchalls were able to bring to the project,” explains Mark Dempsey, hospitality general manager at Burnley Leisure. “Dealing with several different suppliers would have been a nightmare so it was brilliant that they could provide everything we needed. 

“One of the biggest difficulties we faced was the location of the boathouse, in terms of delivering heavy items. It’s location – I the middle of the park – means it was impossible for large trucks to have access. You can’t get anywhere near it so Birchalls arranged for all of the heavy goods to be delivered directly to them and then they brought them down to the Boathouse on much smaller 7.5 tonne trucks. The fact that they were ale to go that extra mile was hugely important to us.

“With other deliveries from other companies, you can rarely determine the time of delivery but Birchalls were happy to work with us and specify exact delivery times. For example, we obviously didn’t want trucks driving through the park at the busiest times of day (12pm-3pm), so we avoided those times and organised deliveries for early mornings.”

All of the equipment and white goods needed for the re-fit were chosen from our ‘Equip’ brochure – which features over 28,000 products!

Since we opened the whole Boathouse up, we have seen sales quadruple to £4,000 a day,” adds Mark

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