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Our services

You’ve got a lot on your plate and we feel that you need the best support possible.

We closely follow emerging trends and develop inspiring products to ensure your menu always offers the latest developments.

And we’re not just about great quality food and competitively priced products, we’re about the whole business approach, therefore we have designed a range of services and support bringing knowledge and experience to assist you to run your business more efficiently and effectively.


OrderMate is the name of our new online ordering platform, now available on all devices! You can shop our full range with images any time anywhere, view allergen information, chat to your telesales partner, create menus and much more.

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Regular exhibitions & training

Our Training, Exhibition and Development suite (TED) hosts a number of events throughout the year, including ‘FreeFrom’ exhibitions, dysphagia training workshops and our annual ‘BIG’ event. 

Our development chef

Paul Dickson is Birchall Foodservice’s development chef. He has 30 years’ experience in foodservice, has cooked for royalty, film and pop stars, and also works as a food consultant and stylist. He runs Lancashire’s only boutique cookery school. 

Come and experience RATIONAL LIVE

Whether you’re looking to get more out of your RATIONAL oven or you’re thinking of purchasing one and are curious to see how they work, we can provide a tailored session to suit your needs. 

Our development chef Paul Dickson has achieved RATIONAL accreditation to provide training. He will analyse your menu prior to the session and create an engaging presentation to showcase how RATIONAL could transform your life in the kitchen. 

Environmental health advice and seminars

Jackie Dickinson, an accredited EHO trainer, works with Birchall customers to provide advice and direction based on her substantial experience working in the environmental health sector. 


Erudus is an online tool which is free to our customers, allowing you to take control of allergen and nutrition information.

Customers can recycle their cooking oils with our free collection service. The oil is recycled into bio-fuels in compliance with current legislation.

Waste cooking oil recycling

Menu design

Designing and printing your menus can be an expensive and time-consuming task. That’s why we offer free menu design and printing for our customers*. A member of our marketing team will phone you or come out to visit you to determine the details of your menu, and then design and professionally print them based on your requirements.

 *Terms and conditions apply.

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Supplier POS  (point of sale)

At Birchall Foodservice, we stock over 5,000 products from many leading brands. If you’d like to promote a particular brand to your customers, then speak to us about branded supplier point of sale material. Many of our suppliers offer POS free of charge, including Whitby Seafoods, Yorkshire Tea, Burts Crips, Chicago Town, Nestle, Proper Cornish and more. 

Finance plans 

Our equipment repayment plans might just be our best kept secret. We know that kitting out a new kitchen or purchasing a new appliance is a big investment, so we give you the option to spread your payments. If you’re a Birchall customer are would like to take out a repayment plan on your next catering equipment purchase apply here.


Cleenol provides our customers with a free site survey on request which includes a range of leaflets, posters and guides to support the training needs and requirements for all your staff when using cleaning chemicals.


Modules can be tailor made to cover individual customer training requirements and incorporated into personalised wall charts with your company logo.


Cleenol’s Training Support

  • Enables staff to understand the most economical and effective use of products.

  • Helps towards meeting your health and safety legal obligations.

  • Reduces the risk of accidents in the work place.

  • Makes for a safer working environment for all your employees.

Become a Birchall Foodservice customer
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