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11 September 2020

Breakfast is on Birchalls at Burnley Bondholders Event

This week, the Burnley Bondholders group hosted a virtual breakfast event with 100 people in attendance. The group’s aim is to bring together businesses and enterprises that want to champion Burnley and help the town grow.

Normally, these events would be face to face with lots of networking taking place over the breakfast tables. For obvious reasons that couldn’t happen, so we supplied breakfast bags that attendees could pick up the day before and enjoy while taking part in the virtual Zoom event.

The bags included an individually wrapped croissant, a piece of fruit, Country Range jam and butter, some Country Range biscuits, a fruit tea bag and a carton of Country Range juice. And it’s safe to say the bags went down a treat! They brought something different that you wouldn’t normally find at a virtual event and created a small sense of normality that was appreciated by all.