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03 April 2024

4 Top Tips for Care Sector Caterers

In the current climate of rising costs and product shortages, we know that caterers and business owners need all the help they can get to help them save time and make more money.

We've spoken to a number of customers to find out what they're doing to be more profitable and efficient, and if they have any words of wisdom for their peers.

We're really keen to get more hints and tips from our customers, so if you have a great idea that you'd like to share, then please send it on to our marketing team.

1. Consider Milk Powder

Fortified milk powder is a great, cost-effective way of adding extra calories and nutrients to meals and drinks without increasing volume e.g. 2 scrambled eggs with 2 tablespoons of powder has roughly 190 calories and 17g of protein. The added calories and nutrients help reduce the risk of malnutrition in care home residents. The powder is easy to use; simply whisk in to foods and drinks. Plus, most powders have 4 weeks shelf life from opening.

2. Get Help with Dysphagia - Ready Meals and Workshops

Catering for residents with dysphagia can be a challenging task. Giving residents dignity in dining is important, but if you don’t have the skillset in your home to offer fresh dysphagia-friendly meals, then consider purchasing ready meals. We have a range of meals available, which are suitable for different levels on the IDDSI framework.

Alternatively, if you would like to learn how to prepare fresh dysphagia meals in your care home, then please register your interest in one of our upcoming dysphagia workshops by emailing [email protected] – no date has been set yet, but we will do so once we have enough interest.

3. Use Ice Cubes to Increase Fluid Content in Drinks

Popping just four ice cubes into a drink will add roughly a cup of water to a resident’s diet. This is a great, cheap way to keep those hydration levels up. You could even consider hosting a mocktail evening with residents and serve alcohol free cocktails with ice. This is a fun way to engage with residents, and will help keep them hydrated.

Other ways to encourage hydration include:

· Set up drink stations in various locations, for residents to enjoy throughout the day.

· Offer a choice throughout the day including hot and cold drinks, milkshakes and smoothies

· Encourage and remind residents to drink at every opportunity

· Serve foods with a high water content, such as soups

· Add chopped fruit to drinks to make them visually distinctive and appealing.

4. Consider Smart Swaps

We have a number of cost-effective products in our portfolio that could help you save money. For example, instead of using butter for baking, you could use our Country Range Cooking & Baking spread. It’s vegan and over 3 times cheaper than a standard block of butter. We all know that the cost of most white fish is rising, but basa and panga have been largely unaffected. We stock a range of this cost-effective white fish alternative, including battered strips in regular, curry and salt & vinegar flavours.