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Health & welfare

In these areas of care catering, food content and nutrition are priorities rather than food trends in other sectors of the catering world. As such, the Birchall Foodservice product range reflects the needs and demands of this sector appropriately.

We provide a range of solutions for caterers working in the care sector, including dysphagia training days, dysphagia recipes and industry specific trade shows and exhibitions

Care menu & solutions guide

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Catering in the care sector is challenging work at the best of times. Not only do chefs have to cater for each individual’s tastes while ensuring they receive a nutritionally balanced diet, but 

they are also required to offer a variety of meals throughout the day, 7 days a week as well as delivering a variety of snacks. 


Whether you are new to care catering, or looking for a little inspiration, we hope the information and tips in this guide provide additional support and help you take your service to the next level.

Nutrition and hydration are a huge priority on health and social care agendas. However, eating and drinking means so much more than just providing nutrients – mealtimes are also very much about the social aspects and, for many people in hospitals and care homes, they are the highlight of their day. 

Catering for patients and residents with very specific medical and dietary needs can be a challenge and we have the know-how to help inspire and aid your menu planning. Our dysphagia recipe training days, for example, have proved a huge success in helping care chefs to create visually appetising meals for residents with dysphagia. 

Social care

Workplace catering

Employee wellbeing in business is becoming more and more important and we are leading the way in workplace catering, helping prominent companies in the North of England to embrace the opportunities of offering healthy and nutritious meals on site for their staff.  

As the foodservice partner to this dynamic market sector, we recognise that one size certainly does not fit all. Our product range and service focuses on tailor-made solutions using innovation and unique product development to differentiate our customers’ offers. 

We also recognise the importance of delivering value for money, working closely with you to develop cost-effective solutions.

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