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Quality meat and poultry is cut and packed to the highest standards. Individual requirements and specifications are catered for by our team of experienced butchers. 

Our range of fresh meats will satisfy your provenance needs, whilst providing peace of mind with full traceability and higher welfare standards.


Our butchers are proud of the quality of our beef and to ensure its flavour we hang the beef for a minimum of 28 days.


Maturing the beef tenderises the meat, making it a pleasure to eat.


We source the best quality lamb from the finest farms around the world. From the salt marches of Wales to the open green pastures of New Zealand, out butchers prepare lamb all year round to ensure you have the best stock from wherever the lamb is best in season.

Leg of lamb is still the roasting joint of choice, whilst over the past few years, neck and shoulder have become more popular as 'low and slow' has become fashionable again. Our legs of lamb are supplied in consistent sizes


Pork provides a wide range of cuts and options for different purposes. Some cuts, such as fillet and loin medallions, are actually low in fat (less than 3% fat) and low in saturated fat (less than 1.5% saturated fat).   

These cuts are quick and easy to cook, and are just as healthy as chicken breasts, making them an ideal alternative for health-conscious diners.


Whether you want chicken thighs for curries, whole chicken for roasting or tender chicken breasts, we supply high quality chicken products. 

Turkey isn't just for Christmas. Our butchers prepare a range of turkey products which are available all year round. And when the festive period is around the corner, rest assured, we have the facilities to produce high volume, high quality products.

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