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'Plant based' foods is a useful phrase to identify the requirements of a vegetarian and vegan diet. 


The word vegan is defined as a diet free of animal-based foods (such as meat, dairy products, eggs, and honey).

Over 3.5million British consumers are now vegan and #vegan has been used over 57million times on Instagram. 


As plant-based diets become mainstream, foodservice outlets are developing in the rapidly expanding food market.


Our product range and innovative activities, such as advice-led features in Stir it up magazine and events in our TED demonstration and exhibition centre, provide inspiration and support for caterers.

N.B. Vegan products can be easily searched in our online Ordermate store.

Plant-based menu idea magazine

When contemplating whether or not you need to add a vibrant, colourful palette of flavours and plant-based options to your menu, consider the startling fact that 93% of plant-based meals are currently eaten by non-vegans. This obliterates all assumptions that only vegans eat plant-based food and should open minds to the huge opportunity presented to you.

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