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A one-stop shop for cleaning products, disposables and catering sundries to ensure the smooth running of the professional kitchen. 


We have hundreds of products in our cleaning section and this includes a few categories that are essentials and big sellers for us and big cost for you, the caterer.

Bin liners - Blue rolls - Toilet rolls

These are the big three we buy in container quantities.

We can quote you a competitive price for defined volumes going forward.

Contact your sales representative for more details.

The Green Effect

Our Green Effect cups are the perfect environmentally friendly alternative to convent disposable cups. These cups are lined with plastic free coating and are recyclable in any mainstream paper recycling facility.

Green Effect cups are environmentally friendly by design, being able to not only be recycled conventionally but they are also certified compostable. 

These cups are also insulated by virtue of the manufacturing process and do not require a handling sleeve and can replace expensive ribbed and insult type alternative cups on the market.

The only disposable cup you need!


Cleenol provides our customers with a free site survey on request which includes a range of leaflets, posters and guides to support the training needs and requirements for all your staff when using cleaning chemicals.


Modules can be tailor made to cover individual customer training requirements and incorporated into personalised wall charts with your company logo.


Cleenol’s Training Support

Enables staff to understand the most economical and effective use of products.

Helps towards meeting your health and safety legal obligations.

Reduces the risk of accidents in the work place.

Makes for a safer working environment for all your employees.

  • Chefs sundries

  • Cleaning products

  • Disposables

  • Foodservice sundries

  • Front of house

  • Housekeeping

  • Tableware

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