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Operating in a Covid-19 world

As pupils return to school this term, there are more challenges to face than ever before. The government plans for all children, in all year groups to return to school full time in the Autumn due to the declining prevalence of coronavirus (COVID-19).


Back to School

With mandatory attendance from the start of the new academic year but without clear guidelines for schools on how food provision operations should run, catering teams will be feeling the pressure.

It’s always a challenge to feed children nutritious and tasty meals that they will actually eat while adhering to the School Food Standards, working to tight budget constraints and retaining good staff in the kitchen.

Our Back to School brochure has everything from food and packaging solutions to useful information links and the latest government advice so you need to feel confident you've got it right.

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School checklist for COVID19

We appreciate how many changes schools are having to make to keep children and staff safe. This checklist is designed particularly for schools who self-manage their catering provision. It is to help school leaders and their catering teams make decisions that are right for their schools so that pupils can continue to benefit from good, nutritious school food.

With careful thought and planning, it should be possible to make sure school lunchtime is an enjoyable experience, time spent sharing good food with peers and teachers.

This checklist should be used in conjunction with other issued guidance and advice, especially around social distancing, food safety guidance specific to COVID19 and enhanced cleaning regimes in schools. It is critical that it is used in conjunction with schools risk assessment polices. See link at the end of this document.

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