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Allergens & nutrition

Erudus provides caterers with comprehensive nutritional breakdowns, dietary advice and allergen information on over 30,000 foodservice products.

Free for Birchall Foodservice customers

*To access Erudus please contact for your FREE* login details 

Erudus is easy to use, online data source, constantly updated with information which will help you to be compliant with the new EU Food Information for Consumers Regulation 1169/2011 legislation.

  • Check for 14 major allergens

  • Special dietary requirements eg. vegan, halal

  • Recipe builder 

  • Comprehensive nutritional breakdown

  • Online data source available 24/7

  • Accurate technical specifications that can be printed off PDF

  • Data from regional to multinational brands

  • Typical values (per 100g) and reference intakes (RIs)

Adam Hope

Birchall Foodservice has been part of the national steering committee developing this service.

Adam Hope, Birchall's business support manager, say's "This latest evolution of the system is revolutionary and its benefits extend across multiple departments including marketing, sales and IT. 

In addition we can upload all of our images and share them with all our customers at the click of a button."

"The Erudus product attribute system contains information about nutrition and allergens along with many other product specifications. Access to the system is available on request to all our customers."

PIM - Product information Management

The future is data!

The requirement for additional product information is being driven by demands from consumers and new legislation.

Here at Birchall Foodservice we have invested in bespoke software to provide for expanded product attributes listings.

This PIM system is already providing massive benefits in information e.g. Recipes, Images etc and to the future will continue to expand - for instance giving:

  • Ecological provenance information

  • Animal welfare tracking

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